How to Accelerate Deposit

Deposit acceleration is a rather risky tactic, which allows for a short time to increase the deposit of the trader by several times. In fact, all the profits are added to the sum of the main account and then used in trading.

Trade is conducted on a minute time interval M1; the duration of transactions is just a few minutes. You have to catch the movement in the direction of the trend. And at the slightest hint of a rollback to close the deal. The reason your position cannot withstand a swing against the trend.

The main criterion for choosing a trading instrument, in this case, is a spread. The smaller it is, the better. The most acceptable options are: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CHF etc.  At the same time, do not forget to check, what the spread is at the moment for these pairs. Ideally, it should not be more than 1 point.

The step by step tactics of deposit acceleration on Forex

  1. Open a demo account with the amount and leverage equal to the real one. For example, if you have $ 100 on the deposit, and 1: 500 on the leverage, you have to duplicate the same on the demo. This is necessary to find the most successful entry points to the market.
  2. Determine the main direction of the trend. You can use forex indicators for these purposes, and simultaneously check where the price moves on M5, M15, and M30. It is desirable to catch the very second when all these time frames have the same direction.
  3. Open the transaction in the direction of the trend on your demo version. In this case, with a volume of approximately 0.3-0.4 lots. And then begin to observe what is happening in the terminal. If the transaction starts to make a profit, quickly choose the moment of the price rollback. When the profit fells to a minimum and starts gradually increasing, launch a similar transaction on a real account.
  4. Close the position, especially without risk, taking 5-10 points of profit. The approximate size can be calculated by analyzing the dynamics of the trend on a demo account.
  5. After the received profit has reached 50% of the deposit amount, accordingly increase the volumes and continue trading.

Accelerating the deposit on Forex, you should follow several rules:

    • do not trade in this method for more than one day;
    • if the deal constantly goes into minus stop trading;
    • constantly track the floating spread on the currency pair being used.

As you see, professional secrets are not top ones at all. If you want to succeed, just read this instruction carefully and try to practice all tactics and actions. And who knows, maybe soon it is you who will become Soros of XXI century.

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